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Interested at working at Bright Beginnings? We're looking for passionate and caring individuals who want to help us fulfill our mission of engaging families with young children in building stronger foundations for their future. All applicants must submit a completed application (here). Applications can be emailed to hr@bbfkc.org, dropped off in person, or mailed to: 

Bright Beginnings for Kittitas County
Attn: HR
220 E Helena Ave
Ellensburg, WA 98926


Purpose: Assist teachers in planning and implementing learning experiences that advance the cognitive, social/emotional, language and literacy development of preschool aged children within a safe, supportive, healthy learning environment.


Education: The equivalent of 12 college quarter credits in early childhood education or a current Child Development Associate (CDA) credential awarded by the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition. 

Experience: Background with children 3 to 5 years of age and/or family service involvement with a focus on Special Services.

Job Scope: Works cooperatively as part of a classroom team to provide age and developmentally appropriate preschool education activities. Develops a strong nurturing relationship with children; supports and assists the classroom teacher to provide developmentally appropriate learning environment, with meaningful experiences in preparation for a successful kindergarten experience; lead the class in the event of the teacher’s absence; prepare classroom materials; assist with the maintenance of classroom facilities.  Help children gain the social competence skills and confidence necessary to be prepared to succeed in their present environment and later responsibilities in school.


  • Continuously monitor children to ensure safety at all times.
  • Utilize appropriate language, interactions, and positive discipline.
  • Relate in a positive, nurturing way, both verbally and physically, and be sensitive to the needs of children.
  • Model positive behavior.
  • Assist in instructing and supervising children in classroom activities.
  • Implement age appropriate activities and developmentally appropriate practices that support Head Start and/or ECEAP performance standards, the Creative Curriculum, and TS GOLD.
  • Take pictures and maintain anecdotal notes, written observations, and other forms of documentation for each child.
  • Assist the teacher in incorporating required activities into lesson plans that support children’s development.
  • Help teacher prepare activities that support lesson plans.
  • Implement and model family style eating during meal times.
  • Support and maintain a safe, healthy, and harmonious learning environment.
  • Help maintain relevant classrooms records in coordination with the teacher (meal counts, attendance, classroom checklists, incident reports etc.)
  • Actively participate in practice based coaching and professional development activities such as trainings, workshops and classes.
  • Attend and actively participate during meetings (Staff, Direct Service, Family Staffings, and Committee).
  • Participate in maintenance and inventory of classroom/program materials.
  • Help to maintain a clean and organized learning environment.
  • In conjunction with the teacher sanitize all surfaces, equipment, and classroom toys.
  • Maintain a quality room arrangement in compliance with curriculum standards.
  • Routinely check classroom equipment and materials to ensure they are in good repair.
  • Support family involvement within the family, our program and the community at large.
  • Provide evening child care support for Policy Council Meetings, and Parent Group Meetings on a rotating basis.
  • Assists teacher in data collection and implementing behavior plans designed by resource teachers and/or mental health specialist

bilingual family service worker


Education: An associate or higher degree with the equivalent of 30 college quarter credits of adult education, human development, human services, family support, social work, early childhood education, child development, psychology, or another field directly related to the job responsibilities.  These 30 credits may be included in the degree or in addition to the degree.

Experience: Preference given to individuals with previous experience working in social services, adult education or early childhood.

Job Scope: Performs independent and joint duties with moderate supervision, in the classroom, the office, and during home visits while operating from established program policies and procedures.  Complies and monitors compliance with all Head Start/ECEAP Performance Standards, all laws, and assorted regulations.

Language: Bilingual English/Spanish required

Primary Responsibilities

  • Establish mutually respectful partnerships with families to enhance the quality of their lives and their community. 
  • Support families’ efforts to reach their goals.  Develop, in partnership with the family, an individualized family plan that facilitates families’ problem-solving and teaches problem-solving skills.
  • Monitor and as needed, assist families with scheduling of physical, dental and other health requirements including heights/weights and lice checks once a month.
  • When necessary, attend appointments for Spanish speaking families to make sure medical follow-through occurs if they do not qualify for an interpreter.
  • Assist other DST staff at pre-arranged medical screenings offsite and onsite, as needed, i.e. transportation, child monitoring, etc.
  • Monitor children’s attendance and provide support services to families as needed.
  • Maintain records relevant to classroom, children, families, and community (files, health records, in-kind reports, PIR, etc.)
  • Periodically check classroom emergency information
  • Engage parents in volunteering, community service and other ways of contributing to program activities and services.
  • Work with other program staff to support interactive literacy activities between parents and their children.
  • Provide training for parents in how to be the primary teacher for their children and full partners in the education of their children and assist parents as adult learners to recognize and address their own literacy goals.
  • Attend and actively participate during meetings (Staff, Direct Service, Family Staffing, Health File Reviews, Parent Committee and Policy Council);
  • Provide translation at all meetings when needed. 
  • Assist with childcare when needed during evening meetings.
  • Assist with family in-takes and orientation.
  • Assist with outreach, recruitment, enrollment and in-kind activities.
  • Assist with transition activities when requested.
  • Attend Spanish-speaking education conferences and home visits to provide interpretation support.
  • Translate family documents from Spanish to English for Direct Service Team.
  • Translate Head Start documents from English to Spanish when necessary.
  • Assist with distribution of materials for the program and the families.
  • Assist with scheduling Spanish-speaking home visits and conferences.
  • Assist on classroom field trips when needed and approved by supervisor.
  • Call parent of children with incident report.
  • Assist with sick children.
  • Enter data in agency data base Child Plus, ELMS (ECEAP only)
  • Assist with completing Health Care Plan or administrating medication.
  • Work with all medical providers to ensure that children are current according to Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment (EPSDT) guidelines
  • Promote the frontlines of a strong Direct Service Team.
  • Perform other duties as required.

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